Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday morning

Oh, I tell you truly, I slept late this morning!! But I got dressed in a hurry, so I was in time for the first period. I gave a sigh of relief!!
Today, my morning was English Communication (especially how to use stress when I speak English) . It was very interesting and a useful suggestion for me. I want to become a very good international communicator in the future, so I have to learn this kind of studying.
Later, I went to Washington Post in the afternoon. That was very great facility, so I was amazing tremendously. I am interested in the mass media, therefore this experience is meaningful for me. And I feel eagerness of worker in Washington Post.
See you again!!


Nina Liakos said...

I was also surprised by how friendly the plant workers were. All of them smiled at our group and waved hello. It's pretty unusual!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kazu!
You've learned a lot of new things throught the program! That's really great. ^^

I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the program!!