Saturday, August 18, 2007

My uncountable happiness!!

Yesterday night , I came back Japan!! And I ate many kinds of Japanese foods ( yakionigiri, rice with kimuchi natto, sushi ). It was very happy for me!!
But I tell you truly, I am very sad now. I miss nina, shirley, sophia, ji won, laura, shin, and shania very much.
About Two weeks with them was very very fun and meaningful days for me. Therefor, first of all, I have a feeling of gratitude for them and my parents and everybody who was concerned in our wonderful program!!
I have a lot of memory that made from AGU2007.
Nina is very kind and respectable teacher (sensei) for me honestly. Unless I I have a poor listening and speaking skill, she explained many important things again and again kindly. And she spoke to me many many time. It was pleased for me. I owe you a lot , nina!!
Shirley is very honorable teacher! She lessoned practical English speaking in her class, and that was very fun (especially, "clear blue sky" !!) and beneficial for me. Thank you, shirley!!
Sophia have kindness a lot , and sometimes she did funny things with all of members (especially, with tetsuto, I think!haha!!) When I lost my digital camera, she looked for it with me.Then we could find it , we did hi-touch!! And I told her my favorite type of girl "honestly", but it is secret!!Haha!! I am really sad now , but thank you a lot , sophia!!!
Ji won is very respectable man for me!!! I am really indebted to him because he entertained me with going a lot of place (especially, optional time) and so on!!! And he told me a lot of things including his favorite music and his point of view of historical problem. I learned a lot of things from his action and opinion! By time to meet him next, I am going to study a lot and become nice man like ji won!! I want to tell him "thank you very much!!!!"
Laura showed a very deep understanding toward me. And she always spoke to me friendly. That time was very happy for me!!!! Driving with her enjoying listening Japanese music was also happiness for me!! Please listen "kobukuro (my favorite Japanese singers) with me next time!! I am looking forward to the time that I see you again in Japan or USA!! Thank you (arigatou), laura!!!
Though Shin was not mentor, he did many many things for us like real mentor!! I owe you a lot and you are peculiar man for me!!! I want to see you again!! Thank you, shinさん!!
Shania also went to a lot of place with me unless she was not mentor. Thank you for giving me very happy time, shania!! Already, she was also like real mentor!!! Your smile was very good for us!!Thank you, shania!!!
Of course, I want to tell "Thank you very much" to students of AGU2007 members!!If this AGU2007 program was not this students members, I think there might not such a very very fun and a precious memories!!! From now on, these members are irreplaceable for me. See you soon!!
Anyway, I really think that I could make these very precious memories is very happy thing unless very very short time. In Japan, I am going to continue brushing up my English skill and posting this blog!!Bye-bye!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Very Very Nice Man In The Aviation Museum!!

Yesterday, I had a class of English communication by shirly in the morning. This class is good experience for me because I always enjoy speaking English in this class!! I think that speaking with native speaker is the most important action of brushing up my English communication skill.
In the afternoon, I went to the Aviation Museum of college park airport. It was very precious experience for me because this is the oldest airport of the world!! And one of there workers was very very nice man!! Therefore, I was excited as well as Channel 9 or Natural History!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good experience!!

Yesterday, I went to the National Museum of the American Indian in the morning. There was a lot of picture of Indians ( long ago and present picture). I think Indian of living now was almost same face with ordinary American. On the contrary, I guess that Indian of past day looked like Asian. And I looked many kinds of things for living life of Indian. After that, I ate Indian food!! I tell you truly, I thought that Indian food is not delicious before I visited the National Museum of the American Indian. ..But, on the contrary, it was very delicious for me!! In the afternoon, I went to the Natural History Museum. This place was very fun for me because I could know a lot of things of inside the Earth!! I am interested in universe and inside the Earth. It is very mysterious and not clearly things for me. And I went to the Lincoln Memorial. It was precious experience for me because I respect him very much. I want to become man like Lincoln in the future. In my view, Lincoln is one of the most towering person.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Hello!! Yesterday, we went to the IDB in the afternoon. The building of IDB was very large-scale, and inside of the building was extremely clean. I heard many valuable things for me, especially, how to improve the economies of poor developing countries in L.A. I am very interested in the serious problem of poverty because I watched a TV program about Brazil when I was in Japan. It was very shocking to me. And I realized that there are a lot of people who live on less than $1 per day!! Therefore, I want to get a job of like the IDB in the future.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I was suprised!!

Yesterday, we went to the WUSA Channel 9. We watched news of Channel 9 in live!! And I took picture with very famous anchor! I was very surprised and happy!! After that, We enjoyed billiards in University of Maryland.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Enjoying life in Maryland!!

Yesterday, I enjoyed shopping near the hotel. I bought foods and souvenir of food there. I spent 45dollars!! And Doughnuts which is sold in Japan (Shinjyuku) too were very delicious!!!! I like HARIBO(gummy) too!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday morning

Oh, I tell you truly, I slept late this morning!! But I got dressed in a hurry, so I was in time for the first period. I gave a sigh of relief!!
Today, my morning was English Communication (especially how to use stress when I speak English) . It was very interesting and a useful suggestion for me. I want to become a very good international communicator in the future, so I have to learn this kind of studying.
Later, I went to Washington Post in the afternoon. That was very great facility, so I was amazing tremendously. I am interested in the mass media, therefore this experience is meaningful for me. And I feel eagerness of worker in Washington Post.
See you again!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

It is Monday afternoon!!

Oh, I did not show you my profile! My name is Kazunori Yamada. So please call me Kazu!! I am Freshman in AGU.
Today, my morning class was English communication. I am going to go to Pentagon in evening. So I am now looking forward to shopping and sightseeing there!!!

Enjoying Eating!!!

I am very happy now because I am eating many kind of food in USA. For example, pizza ( I have eaten very big six pieces of it in USA !!!!) , chicken, tomato pasta, hotdog, stake.

All foods were very delicious for me, but amazing big size!! Ha ha!! And I went to the concert yesterday in Maryland university. It was very nice voice and precious experience for me.

Friday, August 3, 2007