Monday, August 6, 2007

Enjoying Eating!!!

I am very happy now because I am eating many kind of food in USA. For example, pizza ( I have eaten very big six pieces of it in USA !!!!) , chicken, tomato pasta, hotdog, stake.

All foods were very delicious for me, but amazing big size!! Ha ha!! And I went to the concert yesterday in Maryland university. It was very nice voice and precious experience for me.


Laura said...

Wow, you managed to eat six pieces of pizza?! Did you eat all of that in one sitting?

Nina Liakos said...

I know it was late, but I'm sorry you couldn't stay for the full "performance" of the Brahms Requiem. I moved down into the group of singers and sang along as best I could. It was an awesome experience for me!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kazu!
I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed eating the American food. But please don't eat too much! Hahaha~.