Monday, August 6, 2007

It is Monday afternoon!!

Oh, I did not show you my profile! My name is Kazunori Yamada. So please call me Kazu!! I am Freshman in AGU.
Today, my morning class was English communication. I am going to go to Pentagon in evening. So I am now looking forward to shopping and sightseeing there!!!


Nina Liakos said...

We will work on Blogger profiles in class this week. How was Pentagon City Mall?

Dennis said...

Hello, Kazu.

I hope you learned a lot in your English class, and I also hope you had a good time during your trip to the Pentagon City Mall.

Enjoy your time in the U.S.! I hope you learn a lot and accumulate many, many wonderful memories!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Nice picture, Kazu. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I hope you had a blast at the Pentagon, sightseeing and shopping.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Kazu!
Did you enjoy shopping? I also visited Pentagon City Mall last year, and I enjoyed being there very much. So I hope you did, too!