Saturday, August 18, 2007

My uncountable happiness!!

Yesterday night , I came back Japan!! And I ate many kinds of Japanese foods ( yakionigiri, rice with kimuchi natto, sushi ). It was very happy for me!!
But I tell you truly, I am very sad now. I miss nina, shirley, sophia, ji won, laura, shin, and shania very much.
About Two weeks with them was very very fun and meaningful days for me. Therefor, first of all, I have a feeling of gratitude for them and my parents and everybody who was concerned in our wonderful program!!
I have a lot of memory that made from AGU2007.
Nina is very kind and respectable teacher (sensei) for me honestly. Unless I I have a poor listening and speaking skill, she explained many important things again and again kindly. And she spoke to me many many time. It was pleased for me. I owe you a lot , nina!!
Shirley is very honorable teacher! She lessoned practical English speaking in her class, and that was very fun (especially, "clear blue sky" !!) and beneficial for me. Thank you, shirley!!
Sophia have kindness a lot , and sometimes she did funny things with all of members (especially, with tetsuto, I think!haha!!) When I lost my digital camera, she looked for it with me.Then we could find it , we did hi-touch!! And I told her my favorite type of girl "honestly", but it is secret!!Haha!! I am really sad now , but thank you a lot , sophia!!!
Ji won is very respectable man for me!!! I am really indebted to him because he entertained me with going a lot of place (especially, optional time) and so on!!! And he told me a lot of things including his favorite music and his point of view of historical problem. I learned a lot of things from his action and opinion! By time to meet him next, I am going to study a lot and become nice man like ji won!! I want to tell him "thank you very much!!!!"
Laura showed a very deep understanding toward me. And she always spoke to me friendly. That time was very happy for me!!!! Driving with her enjoying listening Japanese music was also happiness for me!! Please listen "kobukuro (my favorite Japanese singers) with me next time!! I am looking forward to the time that I see you again in Japan or USA!! Thank you (arigatou), laura!!!
Though Shin was not mentor, he did many many things for us like real mentor!! I owe you a lot and you are peculiar man for me!!! I want to see you again!! Thank you, shinさん!!
Shania also went to a lot of place with me unless she was not mentor. Thank you for giving me very happy time, shania!! Already, she was also like real mentor!!! Your smile was very good for us!!Thank you, shania!!!
Of course, I want to tell "Thank you very much" to students of AGU2007 members!!If this AGU2007 program was not this students members, I think there might not such a very very fun and a precious memories!!! From now on, these members are irreplaceable for me. See you soon!!
Anyway, I really think that I could make these very precious memories is very happy thing unless very very short time. In Japan, I am going to continue brushing up my English skill and posting this blog!!Bye-bye!!


Nina Liakos said...

Dear Kazu, what an awesomely long and interesting post! When you have sufficient time, you can write a lot in English! Thanks for your kind praise. I am sure all of us on the AGU2007 team (official and unofficial) are very happy to read your words. By the way, a mentor is someone who guides and teaches another person. Although Sang and Shania were not paid staff for this program, they certainly functioned as mentors to all of you. We were very glad to have them.

I am looking forward to chatting with you on 9/29 at Tapped In! And don't forget to sign up for our Yahoo Group.

Enjoy that good Japanese food!


Ikumi said...

Hi, Kazu!!

I read your long post, and remember people who gave us so many happy memories in America.
Thank you, and see you again soon!!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Kazu!
How was your flight? It's nice to know that you came back here safely. ^^

I can imagine how much fun you had while you'd harticipated the program. ^^ Also, I'm pleased to hear that it's inspired you to learn English more!

Lastly, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. ^^

Ji Won said...


Happy to know that you got home safely! The food was good, huh?? Nice nice, you definitely deserve it since you didn't get to eat Japanese food for two weeks! Keep up with your awesome long posts and don't forget to sign up for facebook! I'm looking forward to talking to you very soon!

Ji Won

Laura said...

Kazu, thank you for the message! I was really touched. I like kobukuro too, so the next time you come to America, we can go driving and listen to their music!!

I look forward to hearing from you more in the future!

Dennis said...

Hello, Kazu.

What a long, detailed post!

I think you were a very lucky guy to have met and spent time with Nina-sensei, Shirley-sensei, Sophia, Ji-won, Laura, Shin, and Shania. I hope those friendships continue and deepend with time!

I continue to be sorry about your digital camera. Do you have another one now?

I'm sure it feels good to be back home and able to enjoy your favorite foods. I like yakionigiri, too (see these Google images). I've only had natto once and can only say that I liked the taste but not the smell! Kimchi natto sounded good to me because one of my favorite foods is kimchi jigae.

Best wishes!

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...


In the second paragraph, I wrote * deepend. This is a typo. It should be deepen.


Dennis in Phoenix

Sophia's Monde said...

Hi Kazu! I am very late in responding to this post, but I wanted to thank you for your kind words. Keep writing on the blog!

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